TWO for ONE Alpha and TFive COMBO*

Pig Dog Supplies

In this deal you will receive one Garmin Alpha hand set with T5 collar Package PLUS an extra T5 collar at no extra cost.

What else is in this package:

  • Screen protector for handset
  • Silicon Glow in the dark cover for handset
  • Long range antenna for handset
  • T5 longer thicker stronger collar with brass eyelet and roller x 2
  • Long range aerial for T5 collar x 2
  • Full side protection cover (white) - or Trex glow in the dark wrap around cover (shown in red) - or Trex built in cover kit (glow in the dark) x2
  • Large Pig Dog Supplies Sticker
  • Pig Dog Supplies Game Stick
  • Map with birds eye imagery
  • All chargers are included by standard
  • Pair of dip set numbered dog tags