Twin Chest Holder- for tracking system unit & radio tracker

Pig Dog Supplies

Chest holder with two pockets to carry tracking system and radio tracker.

It has the option of fitting the bullet holder (as shown on the pink one). 

Exceptional craftsmanship and high quality materials for a long lasting product.

  • Large gear pocket at rear, 200mm deep with steel zip.
  • Twin sewing, 3 to 6 layers thick.
  • Stainless steel fittings.
  • Wide straps for comfort.
  • Extremely high grade trimming
  • in 3 colours
  • Behind both GPS and UHF holders they have slide pockets 
  • Antenna loop to hold antenna from wiping around and away from eyes

The leather cover and knife in the photo -next to the pink harness- is not part of this deal and is a separate product.


NOTE: All chest holders are custom-made and waiting period applies.