Garmin 430 Tracking System Package Deal

Pig Dog Supplies

Garmin Alpha with T5 or TT15 collar Package.

  • Screen protector for handset
  • Silicon Glow in the dark cover for handset
  • Long range antenna for handset
  • T5 longer thicker stronger collar with brass eyelet and roller
  • Long range aerial for T5 collar
  • Full side protection cover (white) - or Trex glow in the dark wrap around cover (shown in red) - or Trex built in cover kit (glow in the dark)
  • Large Pig Dog Supplies Sticker
  • Pig Dog Supplies Game stick
  • Maps and all chargers are included by standard.

 Add on collars $355 for T5 and $395 for TT15 includes:

  • Collar kit
  • Long range aerial
  • Protection cover (Pick from the 3 types)
  • Rechargeable battery pack