measuring guide

Use this form to order breast plates. Use ruler or tape as shown on picture. Example measuring on the dog in picture is shown in orange. Put your dog size in and write which plate are you interested in. We also will need a couple of pictures of your dog standing, from side and front emailed to or text massage to 0428 658 432.


Outside Edge of one shoulder, level with the outside edge of the other shoulder.


From the inside of one leg to the inside of the other leg at the bottom of the chest.


From level with the ground, following the front leg up to level with the spine. this is the highest level of the dogs back.


The dogs barrel, directly behind the front legs and around the rib cage, forming a circle.


The circumference of the middle of the neck.


From the but of one ear, to the bottom of the neck.


Dog Weigh in Kilos?


Is your dog fully grown?

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