You will find some useful instructions on this page that shows you how to use our products and look after them in order to keep them in tip top working condition as well as keeping yourself safe. You can also download manuals.

LED Tracking Instruction


How to turn ON/Off

Only turn CROSS HEAD for On/Off
Do NOT over tighten
NEVER turn the FLAT heads


How to change battery

Take out the four main large bolts
Take out four small barrey bolts
Slide in the new battery
Do NOT bend LED wire.


How to mount a clamp

Use the four mail bolts to attach clamp
Face the ON/OFF cross head to tail of dog


How to mount to a collar

Use the battery cover as a template to mark the four bolt holes on your collar. Use a pen to mark the holes then punch holes with a larg nail.


Knife cover handling
...Under Construction...
using Breast Plates for the first time
...Under Construction...