Other Gadgets

Soap boxes, knife dippers, hog-ties, knife sharpener and tracking collar covers are most looked after gadgets.

Soap Box & Knife Dipper

•$75 Each

you get what you pay for with our quality heavy duty industrial products.

made of PVC
1 Litre capacity
50 ml bracket
includes: 1/4 bolts, nuts & washers.



•$25 a pair

•$20 per pair for two or more pairs

•$5.50 P&H

includes double locking belt slide clip.











Tracking System Covers DC50 / Alfa TT10 / Tek 2.0

gps cover new

•$55 ea
•It also fits Garmin alfa TT 10 collars and the new Tek 2.0 collars. (both track and the track-train collars)
•It covers the charge ports, the cover base, the 4 collar straps brackets, the data cable and the top pick up box.(GPS antenna)
•There is no need to remove the cover to charge the collar. (Not until the unit needs a new battery)
•Its tool free, charges from the top. (It actually takes you longer to plug the other end of the charger into the wall or car charger!)
•There is no heat shrink, fire hose or webbing at all in our new design. (This is all Australian made by us here at Pig Dog Supplies)
•It is shock proof and it will not hold water so it will not leave you with a cracked collars or moisture damaged collars.
•These covers are made so you can hunt pigs with a bird hunting collar (Fact: your units reads dog on point! not get running your dogs on a boar.)
•It is available in a variety of colours for dog ID.


Tracking System Covers

•$32 ea
•Protection Covers made of non-metallic material to prevent interference with your tracking collar. Unlike webbing, firehose and leather covers, our covers will not absorb water as that increases drop outs.
•Removes in less than 15 seconds with one bolt.
•Device turns ON/OFF without removing cover. You can use our special antenna tips on our long range aerials for this.
•LED light shows through LED holes.
•Cover encases strap as well with a second free mount included in this deal. (Second bracket will reattach your DC40 if it has been broken off its original collar wich is a common breakage on DC40.)
•In five different colors to match the dog colored arrows on your handset.


Tracking System Antennas

•$23 ea.
•Stainless steel antennas for DC30 and DC40.
•It has our locker made from the same material as our covers to stop pigs pulling out the strong antennas and breaking your mounting antenna screw that holds your antenna in place. Without a locker you can loose your antenna at any time and ruin your collar.
•Supplies with every antenna is a piece of heatshrink cut to the right lenght for adding strenght and keeping your antenna in place.(avoiding zip-ties and tape for a more superior strenght)
•Longer & thicker PVC collars with steel buckle.




Head Light

•Advanced focus system with speed focus function
•LED service life more than 100,000 hours
•Battery Box with built-in dimming function
•Lamp head swivels 90°
•High end power clip
•Burning life 75 hours
•Weight 117 g
•Batteries 3 x AAA

•Beam range 160 metres


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