LED Lights

Let us know if you found a better LED tracking light in market! Our LED tracking light and selected LED head light are simply the best!

LED Tracking Lights

•$50 per light

After being disappointed by the quality of LED lights in the market that are not made for hunting, we decided to design and manufacture a tough one for pig hunting. They can be securely attached anywhere on neck collars, breastplates and on all tracking collars.PigDogSupplies LEDclamp

•Available in red, green, white & blue.
•100% waterproof.
•1 kilometre visibility.
•Full guarantee.



LED Clamps & Batteries

PigDogSupplies LEDclamp•$2 per battery

Batteries runs 100 hours which is equal to 2c per hour running time.

•$5 per clamp

for mounting L.E.D s on tracking collar straps or breast plate straps.


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